Camp Liberty Resort in Northern MN is located on the West end of 8th Crow Wing Lake. Here we are able to fish not only 8th Crow Wing Lake but also 9th and 10th Crow Wing Lakes as well. All three lakes combined offer 892 acres of fishing. Each lake is completely different from each other and provides excellent fishing to every kind of angler.

8th Crow Wing Lake
8th Crow Wing Lake is the largest of the three lakes at 492 acres with the deepest spot in the lake at 30ft. and an average depth at 21ft. 8th provides a diverse fishing opportunity for the novice angler as well as the most experienced angler. 8th is well known for Walleye, Largemouth Bass, Crappie, and Panfish, as well as Trophy Northern Pike. Early spring and fall is the best time to fish for Walleye. Most of the attention for spring Walleye fishing is focused on the north and west shoreline and the channel opening leading into 9th. As the water warms up most of the attention turns to the large sunken island and humps that run from the south to the north. The sunken island is a favorite spot for all anglers. Here you will find abundance Happy fisherman holding huge Northern Pikeof Walleye, Panfish, Bass, and Crappie and of course large Northern Pike. Each year we have several Northerns caught that are over the 40" mark which tops the scales at around 18-20lbs. Panfishermen will love the abundance of bluegill, sunfish and crappie. Spring and summer are the best times for all Panfish. With Crappies no better time is early spring and into summer. Largemouth bass fishermen will be in heaven on this lake. Bass are common in the 2-4lbs range and with a good chance at catching a 5lb fish. Lots of lilly pads and bulrushes provide excellent habitat for bass. The sunken island and the large reed bed adjacent to the resort are favorite spots for many anglers. Bass fisherman find success throughout the year. From late May to late September Bass fishing rarely slows down.

9th Crow Wing Lake
9th Crow Wing Lake is a completely different lake than 8th. 9th is quite a bit deeper all around with the deepest hole at 65ft and an average depth at 17ft. 9th has lots of structure to choose from. The west side of the lake has four bays with good weeds that provide excellent cover for Bass, Crappie, and Panfish. The inlet and outlet areas of the rivers are good for Panfish, Crappie, and Bass throughout the year. The northwest and southwest corners of the lake provide excellent habitat for both Northern Pike and Bass. But don't forget to check the inlet and outlet of the river, Northern Pike cruise these areas looking for Panfish and Yellow Perch. Spring and fall is the prime time for Crappies. Fish the shallow bays in the spring when the Crappie and Panfish are spawning. Come fall Crappies move out of these bays and position themselves on the points of these bays.

10th Crow Wing Lake
10th Crow Wing Lake is the smallest of the three lakes coming in at 173 acres and an average depth of 12ft. 10th is primarily fished for Crappies and for good reason; there are lots of them as well as good Panfish and Bass. The lake tends to be flat except at either end of the lake and in the middle where you will find deep holes in the 30-40ft range. Most of the lake is relative flat, 10 to 15ft deep which is where you will find the majority of your Crappies. Early spring and fall are by far the best times to catch Crappies. Although summer is also a great time. Fish the 10 to 15 ft areas in the early morning and evening when these slabs come into feed. The lakes has good vegetation all around. The north end of the lake is a favorite spot for Bass angles anytime of the year. Make sure you fish the reed bed along the east end of the lake by the public access. For you Northern Pike fishermen check out the north end of the lake and also the south east end near the river. Here you will find thick lilly pads and deep water which big Northern Pike love.

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